Addressing allowances during COVID-19

Should you update COLA and increase hardship premiums?

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The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting us all with a period of great uncertainty. One thing we have learned from past crises is that we will likely experience economic volatility, including wide exchange rate swings and abnormal patterns of inflation. While these are early days, we have already measured higher rates of inflation in China, as well as significant fluctuations in major currencies. In addition, living conditions have worsened for many across the globe. It is likely economic volatility and restricted lifestyles will be with us for some time.

At AIRINC, we are getting a lot of questions from clients about updating COLA and hardship in these uncertain times. Some companies are unsure if changing allowances at this time is a good idea given all the disruption employees are already experiencing. AIRINC has put together this guide to help you navigate this landscape.

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Americas Marketing Manager, AIRINC

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