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Jun 23, 2016

Enough has been written about the urgent necessity for the Mobility function to become more strategic, aligned with Talent management, ready for NextGen etc. Bottom line is that Mobility will have to change.

Too often I see the answer to this challenge in suggesting a policy review, from Mobility functions and as well as from external providers. Often because, it has always been done like this...

In my view this is simply not effective and disregards some very basic logic. Policies, processes and the operating model of a Mobility function are intrinsically linked with each other and highly interdependent.

When you change processes e.g. that were previously done in-house to an outsourced model, this will obviously effect your operating model and your policies and processes. Changes to policies trigger changes to processes very often. A process change might influence your operating model and your policies in turn.

So looking at the policy in isolation to achieve a change for the better, is simply not seeing the whole picture. A Mobility strategy is expressed in policies, processes and the operating model. And a sound Mobility strategy is supposed to overcome multiple trends and challenges while following a set of objectives. (see my 8 Building Blocks of sound Mobility strategy article on LinkedIn link )

So if you are embarking on a change to your Mobility program for the better, you should question the status quo not only of your policies, but have a closer look your strategy and all its three elements, the policies, processes and operating model. Strategy review instead of policy review...

The answers to overcome your challenges might not only lie within your policies.

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Chris Debner

Strategic Global Mobility Advisory, Chris Debner LLC

Advised on more than 100 Mobility Strategies & Policies from various industries with nearly 20 years professional services experience working out of five different countries. Developed specific Strategies for localisation, repatriation, KPI's and RoI's, outsourcing and effective exception management in Mobility. Advised clients in 34 countries, among them 20 of the Dax 30. Former EY EMEIA leader for Mobility Advisory, Group Relocations and Global Employment Organisations. Frequent speaker at mobility and HR events and multiple publications (German, English). Bachelor Business Administration, Human Resources, Business School Pforzheim, Germany. Forum for Expatriate Management: EMMA 2012 Global Mobility Rising Star. Forum for Expatriate Management: EMMA 2015 Global Mobility Professional of the Year.

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