Crossing Borders and Working Between Mexico and the US

Please join us on Tuesday, December 12th!
Crossing Borders and Working Between Mexico and the US

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Detroit FEM will be hosting our last session of 2023 on December 12th!  We will celebrate with a festive holiday luncheon after discussing key attributes of a successful assignment including tax, payroll, immigration and cultural awareness between Mexico and the US. 

Our speakers:

Lisa Dorvinen, Managing Director, and Christian Rosales, Senior Manager, at Deloitte Tax LLP, will delve into the tax and payroll aspects of these assignments for both US and Mexican citizens.

Emina Alec, Attorney, and Laureen Berti, Manager of Global Operations, at Fakhoury Global Immigration, will share insights into the immigration aspects related to these assignments.

Heather Jamison, VP – Client Services at Global LT, will provide valuable insights into the importance of cultural awareness in Mexico. 

This comprehensive discussion aims to equip you with a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in international assignment transfers between these neighboring countries. Please join our speakers and panelists for a dynamic and insightful discussion. 

Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2023


Fakhoury Global Immigration

5250 Corporate Drive, Suite 200

Troy, MI 48098


10 –10:30 AM            Networking and Registration

10:30 – 12:00 PM    Presentation and Panelist Discussion

12 – 1:00 PM              Holiday lunch


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