Day Four of FEM's EMEA Online Summit - catch up here

If you were unable to join us for our sessions focusing on industry mega trends, the future of work and the importance of user experience, you can catch up here
Day Four of FEM's EMEA Online Summit - catch up here

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Day Four of FEM's EMEA Online Summit comprised two sessions: 

Focus Panel Discussion: Mobility Mega Trends and the Future of Work

  • What is the future of mobility in the context of pandemic, economic pressure and industry consolidation?
  • Is it time to reimagine the purpose of the Global Mobility function?
  • How can the mobility service delivery model adapt to help mobility and the wider business achieve their strategic objectives?
  • How can you harness the power of technology?
  • Are your global mobility policies the right fit for your corporate culture?
  • How can you effectively manage a global workforce that is working from home? Do we need to encourage a more entrepreneurial mindset?



Expert Insight interview: The Importance of the User Experience

with Paul Bennett, CEO of PerchPeek

You can watch the recorded video of all Day Four sessions by clicking on the link here:

FEM EMEA Online Summit - Day Four

We have also collated the questions that attendees posted and will soon publish our speakers' responses. 

Many thanks again to all our speakers and to the session sponsors, ECA International and PerchPeek

You can access all 5 days of the recorded sessions and watch them at a time that suits you by clicking on the link here: 

FEM EMEA Online Summit Catch-up 

Keep sending in your questions and comments!

Take a look at the full week's agenda here

Meet the speakers here

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