Election Watch 2024: What to watch for among the 40 leadership races this year

In 2024, 50% of the world's GDP will be voting in an election, and the results will likely have profound implications on public policy, including hot button topics like immigration.
Election Watch 2024: What to watch for among the 40 leadership races this year

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In any election year, immigration is a core issue. But with a growing trend towards protectionism, the potential policy impact on businesses’ ability to attract and recruit talent from around the world, move employees across borders, and expand and build business in new markets may be significantly impacted.

It is vital that businesses with a global footprint and talent in multiple regions, countries and territories, and their employees on special visas and work permits, stay attuned to upcoming elections, and proactively develop corporate mobility plans to prepare for immigration policies that could change overnight. Companies that have readiness plans for regulatory changes will be better positioned to be of service to those affected, be it their clients or their employees.

Vialto Partners' global immigration leader, Sharan Kundi, provides a rundown of the key races happening in 2024 and the implications they may have on global immigration patterns and policies. 

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