FEM AMSTERDAM 2023 - What Roundtable discussion are YOU joining?

If you’re an in-house corporate delegate please choose your Roundtable Discussion by Monday, 6 March 2023
FEM AMSTERDAM 2023 - What Roundtable discussion are YOU joining?

We are looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam on 10th March.

If you’re an in-house corporate delegate and you haven’t already done so, please choose the Roundtable that you would like to attend from the below:

Roundtable 1 - Hosted by Heart Relocation
What’s Your Problem? Managing Conflict in Global Mobility
Speakers: Rob Fletcher - Heart Relocation & Nick Belle - Independent Global Mobility Professional  

Roundtable 2 - Hosted by Convinus Global Mobility Solutions 
What Do ‘Employer of Record’ and ‘Remote Work’ Have in Common?
Speakers: Friederike V. Ruch - Convinus & Lior Ashkenazi - G-P  

Roundtable 3 - Hosted by MRS Management 
Creating Hybrid Strategies: Our Journey to Success 
Speakers: Maxime Boisnard - MRS Management, Patrick Herteveld, Lucie Modra and Benedetta Furgiuele- Generali  

Roundtable 4 - Hosted by Fragomen
Minimising Cost Through Strategic Talent Planning
Speakers: Jo Antoons and Margot Rikmanspoel - Fragomen  

Roundtable 5 - Hosted by Equus 
Automation for Cost Optimisation and ROI – Success Stories, and Your Challenges Explored 
Speakers: Thomas Coombs & Vicki Marsh – Equus  

Roundtable 6 - Hosted by AltoVita 
How Can Your Choice of Corporate Accommodation Help You to Attract and Retain Global Talent?
Speaker: Jess Dunderdale - AltoVita 

Roundtable 7 - Hosted by Ius Laboris 
Global Mobility: The Key to the Talent Shortage
Speakers: Valeria Morosini – Ius Laboris – Italy Sylvie Dumortier – Ius Laboris – Belgium   

Please note that places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

In the event that your chosen table is already full, we will ask you to select an alternative.


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