FEM’s 2021 ‘State of the Industry’ Webinar 14.00pm GMT, Wednesday 3 February

Join FEM for our first Webinar of 2021 as senior Global Mobility leaders look to the year ahead

FEM’s 2021 ‘State of the Industry’ Webinar
14.00pm GMT, Wednesday 3 February

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Gathering together Global Mobility leaders and experts from the key regions; Americas, APAC and EMEA, this discussion will be a wide-ranging and positive meeting about the state of the industry. We’ll be reflecting and analysing the past year, looking closely at how Covid has affected assignments and looking ahead to 2021 to see how the industry is adapting. 

Among other issues within the topic, our expert panel of Global Mobility experts  will look at:

  • Aligning talent management and mobility with new business goals 
  • Policy/program reviews and cost containment 
  • Possible new markets and opportunities (post-Brexit) 
  • Managing health and security issues and unscheduled assignee moves
  • Immigration and tax compliance challenges in this new year
  • How corporations and vendors are working together - and what both partners need to succeed
  • Predictions for the Global Mobility sector in 2021 

Date: Wednesday 3 February 2021

TIme: 14:00pm GMT/ 15:00pm Central European Time

Register now: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5zbubK_fS9aDXfEz0E3HYA

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