How is provision of relocation benefits changing?

While overall provision of relocation benefits has varied little in recent years, despite an unsettled global situation, the way in which the benefits are provided is changing.

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When it comes to relocating staff internationally, organisations recognise the importance of comprehensive support in ensuring that assignments start and end well. Despite widespread cost pressures made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic, our International Relocation Benefits Survey showed that the actual benefits provided to relocating staff have remained consistent over the years. As well as travel to and from the host location and help with immigration, which are provided by almost all organisations, most also provide orientation and briefing services, shipping of personal goods and temporary accommodation.

However, the way in which these benefits are provided is changing, with organisations increasingly looking to provide more flexibility in their approaches. 42% now use a flexible approach, and this looks set to increase in future as a further 18% plan to do this.

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