Managing the risks of ‘working from anywhere’ requests (webinar)

Tuesday, October 10th 2023 - 11:00 AM (BST)
Managing the risks of ‘working from anywhere’ requests (webinar)

Many people who enjoy working from home are increasingly considering the opportunity to go further, perhaps extending an overseas holiday to include a period when they return to work remotely

Watch this webinar that was live Tuesday, October 10th 2023 - 11:00 AM (BST)

With so many changes to traditional working patterns, how can organisations address the altered expectations of employees? And how should HR and global mobility professionals navigate the journey from ‘working from home’ to ‘working from anywhere’?

This Personnel Today, in partnership with the Forum for Expatriate Management, examines the potential risks that employers face when handling employee requests to work from anywhere. It will also look at the opportunities posed by international hires that allow organisations to widen their talent pool and improve diversity.

Personnel Today editor Rob Moss is joined by Claire Tennant-Scull, global director of the Forum for Expatriate Management, Maaike van den Broek, head of global mobility at, and Mark Derksen, head of global mobility at grocery delivery service Getir.

Register now to learn about:

  • the drivers and expectations of staff who want to work abroad
  • the payroll, tax, immigration and social security risks of working from anywhere
  • ‘Employer of Record’ options and how they work
  • how best to organise working from anywhere and the cost-benefits it can offer.

This 60-minute webinar comprises a panel discussion and the opportunity for the audience to ask questions and share their thoughts.

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