Many thanks to our superb EMEA webinar panel - watch them again on-demand now

It was a pleasure to moderate the webinar discussion on May 20 with our outstanding panellists

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The last in our current series of webinars exploring the myriad ways in which Covid-19 is affecting Global Mobility, HR and the wider business, focused on the EMEA region – though as ever, our conversation ranged right across the globe.

I spoke to a highly experienced panel of mobility leaders and specialists based in the UK and Europe who work in the fields of engineering and construction, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, and medical and security risk management and insurance.

Together, they formed a formidable line-up of expertise, and generously shared insights and honest appraisals as well as down-to-earth, practical and realistic advice. I am most grateful to them all:

Over the course of these three webinars: APAC, Americas and EMEA, we attracted viewers and listeners from 43 different countries across the world - from places as far-flung as Anguilla Vietnam - and so I’d also like to thank everyone who tuned in and especially those who sent in questions and messages.

I am very aware that the internet is currently overflowing with digital offerings, and everyone is just as busy as ever, so I don’t want to overdo it, but judging by the reaction to this series I think it would be interesting and useful to hold one more webinar on this theme in August.

This time though, it will be a GLOBAL webinar, with speakers gathered together from each of the three regions. It will give us the opportunity to check-in with them and find out about progress made and further lessons learned. I hope that you will join us and bring your comments and questions too.

In the meantime, you can watch the EMEA broadcast again here and listen again to our APAC and Americas discussions:

Watch our EMEA Covid-19 webinar on-demand

Listen to our APAC Covid-19 webinar on-demand

Listen to our Americas Online Summit on-demand


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Claire Tennant-Scull

Global Director, Content & Events, Forum for Expatriate Management

Claire Tennant-Scull is Global Director of Content & Events at the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM). She produces and chairs all FEM’s Conferences and Summits in Amsterdam, the Americas, APAC and EMEA and oversees FEM's global awards (EMMAs). Claire works closely with key clients, leads FEM’s London Chapter and oversees the FEM website, reports and publications. In addition to her experience in Global Mobility, Claire has more than 20 years’ expertise in publishing, working as a managing editor, writer, journalist and broadcaster, both in the print and digital world. With thousands of contacts across the Global Mobility community, Claire is always keen to welcome new members and to broaden the FEM community.

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