Many thanks to the superb panel on our Global Webinar - watch it again here

FEM’s State of the Industry Global Webinar revealed a treasure trove of practical advice and insight to inspire organisations in 2021
Many thanks to the superb panel on our Global Webinar - watch it again here

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It was a real privilege for me to moderate such an engaging exploration of the Global Mobility industry and the prospects for 2021.

I'm so grateful to Georgina Hawkes, Head of Global Mobility at HSBC,  Rina Montalvo, Global Mobility Director at News Corp,  Stephen Park, International Mobility Centre, APAC, at Schneider Electric  and of course, Anja Vahldiek, Director, Global Mobility Solutions at Ernst & Young for all their insights.

Our speakers joined us from the UK, USA, Germany and Hong Kong, but we also attracted registrations from 45 countries across the globe – and from locations as diverse as Argentina, Czechoslovakia and Jamaica, to Malaysia, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe!

Wherever you are in the world right now, you can watch the webinar again on-demand via Zoom, just by registering as before - and in 72 hours it will also be on our website along with all our previous webinars.

Many thanks again to all our brilliant speakers - our sponsors, HSBC - and of course to all our participants - we received some great questions and comments!

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