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FEM APAC EMMAs Winners  2022 - Congratulations to all!

Corporate Awards

Global Mobility Team of the Year

Winner: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Judges’ comments:

An excellent initiative that achieves the objectives for the employee and the business. What sets HPE above average is how they leverage technology and also saved jobs by moving them out of the original host location. A true talent partner!”


Highly Commended: International SOS In-house International Assignee Services


Outstanding Corporate Agility & Crisis Management

Winner: Procter & Gamble

Judges’ comments:

“Procter & Gamble demonstrated great work to drive DEI amidst travel ban and into challenging countries! A fine example of corporate agility. Thank you for being the market leader.”

Highly Commended: EY Australia & New Zealand


Open to All Awards

Best Employee Experience & Engagement

Winner: EY Australia & New Zealand:  International Remote Work (IRW) program

“E&Y's IRW program is a good balance of providing for employee's needs and company's compliance requirements. The impact is huge and promotes retention in the current volatile labour market.”


Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Fulfilling the 'why' of mobility


Best Partnership between a Corporate Organization and a Service Provider

Winner: Micron Technology & Weichert Workforce Mobility

Judges’ comments:

“Wonderful to see how Micron Technology has forged this strategic partnership with Weichert Workforce Mobility. The focus on talent management has opened up more options and possibilities for Micron, especially during the pandemic situation.”


Highly Commended: HPE & AIRINC

Highly Commended: NetExpat & Reckitt


Best Partnership between Two Service Providers

Winner: Santa Fe Relocation & Kent Relocation Group (Australia)

Judges’ comments:

“While we were confronted by situations we could not control, this entry from Santa Fe Relocation & Kent Relocation Group demonstrates that we can focus on areas that we can - intentions, actions and results that mattered to so many. The spirit of partnership has been manifested in many ways.”


Highly Commended: NetExpat & KPMG


Best Global Mobility Sustainability Initiative of the Year

Winner: Aires

Judges’ comments:

“Aires has seriously focused on sustainability. With a comprehensive Green Policy, ISO 14001 registered, partners with Print Releaf Reforestation Program, a Carbon Offset program and their global partner network, Aires is a leader!”


Highly Commended: Weichert Workforce Mobility


Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Assignee Management

Winner: Benivo - Benivo Management Platform

Judges’ comments:

“What a fantastic product from Benivo that has thought of everything, from employee experience to data anaylsis, SLA tracking of vendors and cost management tracking. Incredible speed in designing and implementing the technology too.”


Highly Commended: Formula Group - MobiRelo

Highly Commended: IKAN Relocation Services - i–track (v) 2 eco system


Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Bespoke Solutions

Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Capabilities that advance the practice of mobility

Judges’ comments:

“Very well designed. HPE’s analytics and other enabling tools are truly innovative, and in taking time to understand the issues and problems from the stakeholders it brings to reality every mobility team's mission of becoming real business partners that create value!”


Highly Commended: Benivo - Building the ultimate Core-Flex experience through technology

Highly Commended: ReloQuest Inc. - RQ Pro℠


Thought Leadership – Best Survey or Research Study of the Year

Winner: Fragomen - Worldwide Immigration Trends Report 2022

Judges’ comments:

“This is a must-read for mobility professionals. The country-by-country real time updates are critical for decision making. Fragomen is able to provide awareness, raise appreciation and offer advocacy and guidance.”


Winner: Santa Fe Relocation - Global Mobility Survey

Judges’ comments:

“There are so many nuggets of wisdom across Santa Fe Relocation’s report. The challenges of keeping global talent safe, motivated and productive is explained with some great strategies. Every mobility professional must read this to stay current and relevant.”



Service Provider Awards

Best Banking, Tax or Financial Services Provider of the Year

Winner: Jacob Street Partners

Judges’ comments:

“Though it is very true that the work done by Jacob Street Partners isn't glamorous – they support assignees and mobility teams when they most need help – and the vivid examples of how they did this is great!”


Highly Commended: Greenback Tax Services


Corporate Housing Provider of the Year

Winner: SENRI

Judges’ comments:

“Japan has a very distinctive culture and traditions and an expectation on the level of services, quality and service standards, so it is amazing how the team at SENRI / IKAN Relocations created such innovative solutions to deploy them to a remote location in India.”


Highly Commended: AltoVita

Highly Commended: SilverDoor Apartments


Destination Services Provider of the Year

Winner: Elite Woodhams Relocation

Judges’ comments:

“Elite Woodhams Relocation assisted in bringing healthcare workers to Australia (a great contribution during the pandemic) and ensured that customer care and staff well-being were not compromised. Though the service promotes cost-efficiency, it is great to see that the human interaction and compassion is front of mind.”


Highly Commended: NetExpat

Highly Commended: Santa Fe Relocation


Immigration Provider of the Year

Winner: Fragomen

Judges’ comments:

“Fragomen has maintained its leadership and been reliable partner in immigration services across multiple countries by scores of organisations. Having invested wisely in technology, and with a dedicated Government Relationships group, it has a solution for every problem and one is well advised.”


Highly Commended: Deloitte Global Employer Services



International Health, Wellbeing or Security Management Provider of the Year

Winner: World Travel Protection

Judges’ comments:

“Great solution for tracking employees all over the world and ensuring their safety. Good to see a company able to overcome the hurdles in implementation and forging great partnerships. World Travel Protection has shown real agility.”


Highly Commended: International SOS – Crisis Preparedness Support & Response during the Ukraine crisis


International Moving Company of the Year

Winner: Allied

Judges’ comments:

“Allied demonstrated the spirit of customer-first during the most difficult of times with layers of urgency and mission-critical moves well-supported. This entry exemplifies how the power of spirit and culture of the company were harnessed to deliver great results for customers.”



Outstanding Agility & Crisis Management as a Service Provider

Winner: Fragomen

Judges’ comments:

“Immigration has been one of the biggest mobility challenges during the pandemic, and Fragomen immediately stood up to support business - a powerhouse in expertise and resourcefulness. And the best part of this - is that they made everything they did for their clients accessible to everyone else at large.”


Highly Commended: International SOS

Highly Commended: ReloQuest inc.


Relocation Management Company of the Year

Winner: Weichert Workforce Mobility

Judges’ comments:

“Love the initiative with Talent Beyond Boundaries and the digital tools that enable Weichert Workforce Mobility’s offerings to be so flexible while achieving relocation needs.”


Highly Commended: Aires


Individual Awards


Global Mobility Professional of the Year

Winner: Diwakar Gupta, IKAN Relocation Services India Pvt Ltd

A short precis of Diwakar’s testimonial:

“In managing the multiple roles of business development, account management and on-the- ground consulting, Diwakar Gupta has helped his friend and partner Rohit Kumar to steer IKAN from a ‘garage’ start-up in 1991 to a relocation company, not only with 14 awards to its name, but also with social responsibility at its heart.”



Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility

Winner: Kerwin Guillermo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Claire Tennant-Scull, FEM’s Global Director said:


“With his extraordinary work ethic and global influence, FEM is delighted to award the EMMA for his Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility in the Asia Pacific region to the incomparable Kerwin Guillermo - a true industry ambassador – he is a shining example of great leadership.”


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