Mobility (R)evolution: Redefining Mobility

FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting on the 23rd August 2023 cohosted with Vialto Partners
Mobility (R)evolution: Redefining Mobility

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The August FEM Chapter meeting was a really information session based on Vialto’s latest Mobility R)evolution survey, which demonstrated mobility functions across the globe are adapting to the new changes demanded of them. Mobility teams are exploring initiatives to enhance the value of the mobility program to the organisation. Things like policy redesign, the relationship between talent and mobility, optimising the operating model and enhancing the employee experience are all on the table.

The survey results and the Q&A  session that followed with deeper insights from our mobility experts in the audience made for an excellent content rich discussion on some of the new directions global organisations are taking in the mobility space.

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Go to the profile of Grant Herbert
9 months ago

Another well-organised and facilitated event. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.