Navigating the New World of Work - Let’s discuss mobility policies (and reconnect in person!)

After more than 2 years of meeting virtually, with the support of Vialto Partners we were able to host “Face to Face” FEM chapter meetings in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and for the first time in Adelaide. The presentation was national, the topics were discussed around the table in person.
Navigating the New World of Work - Let’s discuss mobility policies (and reconnect in person!)

After a quick update on the latest immigration and tax news, we launched into our topic.

Impact of COVID-19 led to a greater focus on employee wellbeing, a desire to reconnect more with family and friends (domestically and internationally), greater demand for flexible ways of working – particularly remote working arrangements.

Talent shortages resulted from long border closures, more competitive market, greater need to enhance policies to attract international talent as well as develop strategies to retain talent

Impact of Technology encouraged making greater use of collaborative and integrated platforms, more focus on employee experience, streamlining of processes and a re-assessment of the need to travel.

Environment, Social and  Governance (ESG) targets - global net zero, social impact, human capital development, Diversity & Inclusion; greater focus on policies for better corporate behaviour and employee well being.

Technology advancements and the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an expansion of global mobility scope. Companies now have an array of options, enabling them to deploy the right people, into the right roles, in the right way - to deliver on the best outcomes for their clients, people and community.

Vialto Partners shared survey results where 257 global companies were asked what were the top changes they planned to make around how they run their mobility program. Some key take aways were:

Inclusive mobility can create a stronger, more diverse leadership talent pool.

Re-think and adapt how we deliver GM services and our operating model, apply a more flexible approach to mobility.

  • More cost effective packages to offer more people global experience
  • More robust selection process, aligned to talent
  • Improved consistency and focus on process
  • Increased move to core/flex approach
  • More companies are enabling alternative work arrangements to retain key talent

Some of the benefits of a remote work policy:

  • Promotes compliance and limits exposure
  • Standardised and inclusive approach
  • Broadens talent pool, helps to attract and retain top talent

Events concluded with Round Table Discussions around:

  1. How have the mobility trends discussed today impacted your organisation’s mobility program (eg COVID-19, talent shortage etc)?
  2. What actions is your organisation taking or have you already taken to adapt your Global Mobility program, strategy and policy as a result?

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