NetExpat Welcomes New VP Global Advisory Services, APAC

Roberto Vale, a seasoned executive from Brazil, brings over two decades of management consulting experience, having worked extensively with Fortune 100 companies globally. He has worked in the US, Hong Kong, and Singapore, where he has lived with his family since 2010.
NetExpat Welcomes New VP Global Advisory Services, APAC

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Welcome to NetExpat! Walk us through how you got started in this industry and what led you to joining NetExpat?

In my early 20s, I entered the airline industry, gaining insights into logistics and collaboration. After six years, a Master's in the US led me to discover the global mobility industry, and I've since dedicated 23 years to it. My diverse background includes teaching English, fueling a passion for coaching. Joining NetExpat was a culmination of my varied experiences. Early in my career, a remarkable manager shaped my understanding of leadership. Despite subsequent roles, his influence remains profound. Pausing my career during COVID, I pursued a PhD and spent time with family in Brazil. The timely opportunity at NetExpat felt serendipitous, aligning perfectly with my readiness to return and my passion for intercultural communication.

What are the challenges and opportunities when working with in-house mobility, human resources and relocation companies as clients? 

Navigating in-house mobility, HR, and relocation firms presents unique challenges and opportunities. The opportunity lies in emphasizing the importance of intangible relocation services, such as intercultural solutions and partner support, because they foster a perspective-taking and introspective journey for mobile and non-mobile families. This opportunity to increase one’s self-awareness promotes intellectual humility and collaboration.

Challenges stem from the non-tangible nature of these services. The primary obstacle, even after 20+ years, is the assumption that their value is understood, yet quantifying their impact remains elusive. The intangibility makes articulating the long-term positive impact on well-being challenging.

Yet, the non-materialized nature of the service is also an opportunity, placing relocation firms at the center stage of supporting personal growth and transformation. Articulating the impact through data, storytelling, and firsthand experiences is an ongoing exercise, offering both challenges and exciting opportunities to continually demonstrate value.

Research on Organizational Learning

In my research, I explore the often-overlooked concept of trustworthiness and its impact on cultural intelligence. Focusing on individuals' ability to signal trustworthiness by adapting to diverse cultures, my global research spans 45 countries, bridging the gap between trustworthiness and cultural intelligence. In organizational learning, I explore the mechanisms that enable organizations to transition individual learning into group learning. 

Global Mobility Evolution

Firstly, global mobility is now intricately linked with business imperatives, holding a central role in strategic discussions—a major shift from two decades ago. Secondly, assignee profiles have evolved significantly. In 2024, the traditional assignee model is now the minority, replaced by diverse assignment types and a more complex compliance landscape. Integration with business imperatives and evolving assignee profiles reflect two of the key transformations we see in global mobility.

Opportunities for Discovery

What I find most rewarding in this industry is the continuous opportunity for discovery, especially in intercultural aspects. Engaging conversations unveil personal stories, connecting us on a deeper level and fostering an environment rich in diverse narratives. Our industry provides unique opportunities to explore others' journeys, witnessing how people leverage available resources to accomplish their goals. Cultural complexity adds a unique dimension to each story. Overall, the global mobility industry is about people and their engagement with new places and cultures.

Contact to schedule a call with one of our experts in your region to learn more about best practices in intercultural solutions, partner assistance and talent management. 

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