Public Provident Fund in India: A Guide for Overseas Employers

Retirement funds are one way for employees to save for the future, and each country has a novel approach to how these funds are used. When you are hiring abroad, you will need to be familiar with each country’s fund requirements, contribution limits and tax effects.

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India has multiple retirement programs, and this guide will outline the Public Provident Fund.

What is the Public Provident Fund (PPF) in India?

The PPF is an optional investment tool for any resident earning income in India.  It is available in addition to the Employee’s Provident Fund which is a mandatory government-backed retirement fund.  The PPF is still managed by the central government, and it does allow employees to add to their retirement fund with excess earnings.

The employer is not required to contribute to the PFF but may need to account for them as tax exempt.  The employee sets up the PPF directly with a bank or post office.

What is the current interest rate for the PPF in India?

The interest rate is set and paid by the government each quarter, and for the fourth quarter of 2021 the rate is fixed at... read more

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