See what our EMEA EMMAs judges said about the winning entries

In case you missed it in all the excitement on the night, here are some of our judges' comments about the winning entries
See what our EMEA EMMAs judges said about the winning entries

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Many thanks again to all our amazing judges for their time and expertise!

Learn more about them here

Here are some extracts from their comments on the winning entries at FEM's EMEA EMMAs:

Corporate Awards

Best Talent Mobility Strategy  

Assicurazioni Generali

“Creative thinking that provides a real strategic advantage to talent attraction through giving lots of flexibility. While also implementing new technology to provide excellent assignee experience. Impressive work Generali!”

Global Mobility Team of the Year

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“It is clear how aligned the GM team are with the objectives of the wider business. The team have leveraged technology to provide a consultative approach and moved GM forward yet again. They should be congratulated!”


Outstanding Corporate Agility & Crisis Management

EPAM Systems       

“This is a remarkable entry. EPAM provided steadfast support even when their work environment was unpredictable and chaotic. Big thanks to them for looking after their people. Great work!”


Awards Open to All

Best Employee Experience & Engagement          

“The team provides exceptional support to their expat families – and a fantastic Expat Partner Program which is making a huge difference to assignee retention - excellent work!”


Best Global Mobility Sustainability Initiative of the Year

Joint winners:

Bournes Relocation Solutions

“Bournes Relocation Solutions’ 5-year strategic plan aligned with the UN's strategic development goals, makes this an honest and credible approach to building sustainability journey incorporating robust and tested certification and processes.” 


“RelocateEU demonstrates some real thinking "out of the box" - particularly in terms of the partnerships invested in - Operation Crayweed, Air Seed Tech and credible green accounting platforms such as Greenly. Their strategy of people over profit driving their ESG projects is clear and impactful.”


Best Partnership Between a Corporate Organization and a Service Provider

Talent Beyond Boundaries & Fragomen 

“This partnership between Talent Beyond Boundaries & Fragomen is a beautiful project that touches the lives of many. It shows how business, immigration law and human rights can be easily connected. Great initiative, great strategy and even greater results!” 


Best Partnership Between Two Service Providers

Tracker Software Technologies (TST) & Weichert Workforce Mobility 

“Out of the box thinking from Tracker Software Technologies & Weichert Workforce Mobility that improves both the company's ability to manage the intricacies of employee's relocation and improves the overall employee experience.”


Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Assignee Management  


“An impressive tool that has evolved year on year and is keeping up to date with the latest technology and integrations. A focus on the user experience and flexibility is key! Well done Aires!”


Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Bespoke Solutions

Joint winners          


“The AltoVita platform is a very innovative idea with which creates a great ecosystem and the data analytics answers the growing need to provide data to leadership and compliance teams. I really liked the reporting part where you can keep track of DEI, and Sustainability too. The way to go!”

Weichert Workforce Mobility  

“An example of what innovation in the GM space truly looks like. Weichert have listened to the relocating employees and come up with a modern approach to the relocation process, using AI and flexibility to change with the demands of the business.”


Thought Leadership – Best Survey or Research Study of the Year       

EY & City of London Corporation - Shaping the Future of Borderless Work Report 

“An outstanding report "Shaping the Future of Borderless Work" from EY. A comprehensive piece of work, it provides deep research and insights that needs to be in the in-tray of all talent managers. Great work EY!”



Service Provider Awards

Best Banking, Tax or Financial Services Provider of the Year    

Vialto Partners

“A real breakaway breakthrough – Vialto Partners is continuously innovating and creating a great balance between high tech and high touch for their clients. The innovations presented are potentially revolutionary for the industry! Well done to the team!”


Corporate Housing Provider of the Year       

SilverDoor Apartments

“Silverdoor is a well-established provider in the industry but yet the company does not rest on its laurels. Great highlights on the sustainability points, including the environmental impact and the CSR and ESG priorities for businesses – plus impressive cost savings!”


Destination Services Provider of the Year   


“Net Expat has gone above and beyond its core offering by providing advanced innovative technology that helps to deliver an exceptional service to its clients, partners and families – the best in class for partner support!”


Immigration Provider of the Year       

Joint winners


“Fragomen continues to set the gold standard in our industry - with thought leadership work, government advocacy and deep technical expertise. When governments are seeking advice and input from this company, it says it all. Well done!”

Vialto Partners

“Innovation at its finest - Vialto Partners advances the way immigration is practiced, is in tune with the real world its clients operate in - and offers something that mobility professionals have been requesting for years - a holistic approach to mobility.”


International Health, Wellbeing or Security Management Provider of the Year

Jacob Street Partners

“Jacob Street is clearly providing a highly effective and pragmatic solution for its clients with first-class service. Great to see an all-female team as well!”


International Moving Company of the Year

Pickfords Move Management    

“A one-stop-shop with all information there. I really like that Pickfords has a bespoke tech platform that provides real time data on the moves. I also like being able to monitor the costs in the way they outline in their tool.”


Outstanding Agility & Crisis Management as a Service Provider         

Global Expat Pay   

“An actual triumph of innovative thinking alongside human empathy. Brilliant work by Global Expat Pay. Fantastic selfless support in a time of crisis that was clearly highly impactful and valued. A great entry made even stronger because their corporate client (Bayer) submitted it!”


Relocation Management Company of the Year     

Heart Relocation

“Heart Relocation is a shining example of what great looks like in relocation management. The company clearly cares about its clients and has had some very impressive successes. By fostering a happy workforce they are exceeding client expectations! Well done to the team!”


Individual Awards


Global Mobility Rising Star of The Year        

Miriam van Kempen - Heart Relocation 

“Miriam van Kempen is one of the most active members in the mobility industry in EMEA – and brings the community together while doing good. It is incredible when an employer says about their employee that their entire business has been immeasurably impacted. Miriam is the epitome of the well-rounded employee, business partner, leader we all want on our team!”


Global Mobility Professional of the Year (CHOSEN BY YOU)

Claire Whieldon - AstraZeneca  

“Claire Whieldon is a truly impressive Global Mobility professional – she and her team made history in helping Astra Zeneca to roll out a game-changing worldwide vaccination programme during the Covid pandemic and saved lives. She can work in both micro and macro modes and leads her team by supporting and empowering them.”

The 2023 Top Award:  

FEM’s Award for the Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility in EMEA

This award is in the gift of FEM and is the most prestigious of all the categories.

Ian Robinson – Vialto Partners

FEM’s Global Director, Claire Tennant-Scull said:

A natural campaigner and reformer, Ian Robinson deservedly has an extraordinary, high-achieving career and throughout that, he has made a real difference to people’s lives. Always an absolute delight to work with, Ian is someone who is able to explain complex issues clearly and – most importantly, he does everything with great humanity.

All Ian’s achievements are undoubtedly impressive, but FEM has also chosen him to be the recipient of this, the most prestigious of all the EMMAs, not just because of his public actions but also because of the many quiet, unshowy ways that he has supported and helped other people in the industry and beyond.”


A special award: 

FEM also presented a special award to Kerwin Guillermo, as he moves away from direct involvement in the mobility sphere, to say thank you for his steadfast support, incredible energy and expertise.

The FEM Global Mobility Legacy Award

Kerwin Guillermo – Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

FEM’s Global Director, Claire Tennant-Scull said:

“This unique award is to thank Kerwin Guillermo for his steadfast support, incredible energy and expertise. An enormously influential figure in this industry – Kerwin has done so much to raise the profile and standing of the discipline worldwide, but also works tirelessly to support and develop the careers of others – including now, with his involvement with universities, mentoring the student talent of tomorrow.”

See the results in full here

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