Take a listen: Celebrities On The Move immigration podcast

How do celebrities - actors, athletes, business people, and artists - manage to travel, work, and do business outside their home countries? Celebrities On The Move dishes all!
Take a listen: Celebrities On The Move immigration podcast

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Immigration law can seem like an impenetrable subject for the layperson. But, it's a critically important topic that global mobility professionals—and globally mobile employees themselves—must understand to perform their work. At Vialto Partners, we believe one of our responsibilities is to make immigration law interesting, relatable, and understandable to people who may not necessarily be lawyers or legal practitioners themselves. Maybe we can even make it a little fun. 

That's what Celebrities on the Move is all about. It's a monthly podcast series co-hosted by Vialto's Shai Dayan and Rekha Simpson, a US attorney and a UK qualified lawyer respectively. Celebrities On The Move is truly unique in the market—delivering immigration insights, and providing the audience with relevant information against a backdrop of ever-changing immigration policies around the world.

Want to hear what it's all about? Listen and subscribe today to Celebrities On The Move—and our parent show, On The Move—on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you consumer your favorite podcasts. 

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