The concept of "digital nomadism"

The Spanish Government has published the "Draft bill for the promotion of the startup ecosystem known under the concept of "digital nomadism".

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The new lifestyle called "digital nomadism" has as its main objective that people, whose jobs allow them to work remotely, change their residence periodically, combining highly qualified work with immersion tourism in the country of reference. 

The current draft bill published by the Spanish government, known under the concept of "digital nomadism", creates a new type of visa, the so-called "Visas and residence authorizations for international teleworking".

The visa obtained to enjoy the concept of "digital nomadism" is held under the situation of residence for telework of international character, the national of a third State, authorized to stay in Spain to exercise a work or professional activity at a distance for companies located outside the national territory through the exclusive use of computer, telematic and telecommunication systems. 

What requirements are established under the concept of "digital nomadism"?

For those foreigners who carry out an employment activity, it is essential that the contracting company is located outside Spain. For those who develop a professional activity on their own account, only 20% of the professional activity can be dedicated to companies located in Spain.

This new type of visa allows the lifestyle of "digital nomadism", for international teleworking, allowing the person to reside in Spain for a maximum period of 1 year. 

For the "Residence Authorization", the requirements are different because it will allow foreigners who are in Spain on a regular basis to apply for such authorization for a maximum period of 2 years. 

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