What does 2021 hold in store for Global Mobility? Find out - 3rd February

Join the experts at FEM's State of the Industry Global Webinar
What does 2021 hold in store for Global Mobility? Find out - 3rd February

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Continuing our highly successful series of webinars, FEM has invited a panel of experts from each region of the world to take part in a wide-ranging and forward-looking debate about the Global Mobility industry in this new year. 

Claire Tennant-Scull, FEM's Global Director of Content & Events will be chairing the discussion with our accomplished speakers:

  • Georgina Hawkes, Head of Global Mobility, HSBC    
  • Rina Montalvo, Global Mobility Director, News Corp    
  • Stephen Park, International Mobility Centre, APAC, Schneider Electric  
  • Anja Vahldiek, Director, Global Mobility Solutions, Ernst & Young 

Among other questions, we will be asking:

  • What are the lessons learned from 2020?
  • What does the ‘new normal’ mean for mobility programs?
  • How can we make business travel possible again
  • What will Brexit and the new US administration mean for mobility?
  • How can corporations and service providers work better together?
  • What are our experts' predictions for 2021?

Register for free now and bring your own comments and questions to the LIVE discussion on Wednesday, 3rd February at 14:00 GMT

With many thanks to our sponsors HSBC 

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