Let’s talk Talent - Management, Mobility and Retention

A summary from the Brisbane Chapter on 9th August, 2016.

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Aug 12, 2016

This month's Brisbane Chapter topic Let’s talk Talent - Management, Mobility and Retention” was originally developed as a result of discussions amongst the steering committee, Hayley Granato of Boeing in particular about the need to attract talent to Brisbane after several years of market downturn as well as exploring what other companies have been doing to retain talent in these difficult market situations.

Additionally, as the competition for talent continues globally, organisations are looking for more creative and different ways to manage their top talent. Organisations are starting to link their talent policy with their international mobility and retention policies to better align company strategy and employee development.

Mark Vickers who has an extensive background in international Talent Management and Talent Acquistion across a number of organisations also joined the panel and the discussion evolved to include the whole room. Key points covered also included:

  • Understanding how organisations are linking their international mobility, retention and talent policies including technologies being used
  • The strategies organisations are putting in place for millennials who are looking for continuous development e.g. short-term secondment opportunities, international exchange programs
  • Succession planning strategies, global talent “pools” – internal and external (alumni)
  • Continuing engagement/communication even if “talented” people are no longer with the company (or yet to join the company)
  • Contingencies, risk management

The mornings discussion was intense at times depending on individual perspectives and organisational requirements in the current market. An excellent morning was had by all.

A big thank you to our panel and active audience and to Fragomen for hosting.

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Aysegul Kayahan

Director, Relocation Specialists

Aysegul Kayahan, managing director of Relocation Specialists in Queensland and Victoria has been in the global mobility industry since 1993. Aysegul started the Forum for Expatriate Management community in Australia in early 2012, with chapters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. From February 2015 to January 2017, Aysegul was appointed to the role of global chair of Chapter Leads for the Forum for Expatriate Management.

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