FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting 09/11/16

Please join us for the FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting on 9th November.
FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting 09/11/16

Managing Diversity in Your Mobility Programs

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Now that international business is the norm, rather than just the preserve of the multinational, the profile of international travellers and assignees is changing. The traditional concept of white-collar male managers travelling between developed economies is a decreasing proportion of such travel nowadays. Our mobile workforce today increasingly reflects the diversity that exists within our society, with a growing numbers of women, older workers, gay/lesbian or transgender, as well as individuals with disabilities. As our August meeting showed, however, from a mobility perspective this trend is not without its challenges and the rate of such change within mobile populations has perhaps not kept pace with wider society.

Following on from our last Chapter Meeting where we discussed gender and mobility, we will take a deeper dive into this topic and look at the arrangements and control systems that may be required to manage a more diverse range of travellers and assignees to migrate risk effectively.

Issues that might not feature significantly (or at all) in risk assessments for travel in Australia can become much more significant when they emerge abroad. For example, non-work-related health problems that might not feature in assessments for Australian workers could ultimately be life-threatening in less developed economies. Local cultures and approaches to sexuality may also create additional risks.

Following a key note address by Dr. Mpofu, the panel will share examples of best practices for mitigating risks and adapting to diversity in a mobile workforce.


Dr Nhlanhla Mpofu, International SOS Medical Director, Occupational Health – Australasia
With a strong critical care and primary care background, Dr Mpofu provides clinical governance and technical advice on the Occupational Health programs for International SOS clients within the Oil and Gas, Mining, Manufacturing and Corporate Sectors. Within International SOS, Dr Mpofu has also held positions such as Coordinating Doctor and Deputy Medical Director, providing health care to national and expatriate remote sites workers and surrounding communities in Papua New Guinea. Dr Mpofu is an accredited Medical Review Officer with the Australasian Medical Review Officers Association (AMROA) and a member of the Australia New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (ANZOM).

Tim Burgess, Co-Founder at Shield GEO Services Limited
Tim Burgess is co-founder of Shield GEO, an Australian based Global Mobility startup offering outsourced employment and payroll in over 35 countries. With over 20 years experience facilitating and supporting international assignments, including over a decade in the UK, Tim understands the benefits that employees and employers receive from international work experience. Tim holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney majoring in Geography and Psychology.

Wednesday, 9th November, 2016

12:00 to 02:00PM

The Portside Centre
Level 5, Symantec House
207 Kent Street


  • Complimentary to Corporate HR.
  • £75 for global mobility suppliers, per person, assuming the supplier has a valid Supplier Membership of £350.

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