Netherlands Chapter: An Introduction

An introduction to the FEM Netherlands Chapter

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The Dutch Chapter of the Forum for Expatriate Management, founded in 2011, is headed by Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions. In addition to the frequent international events held by FEM, the Dutch Chapter holds quarterly events that encompass every aspect of global mobility, including immigration, tax, payroll and expense management, relocation, tax, and more. Event attendees range from global mobility analysts to senior management.

Generally, the Dutch Chapter invites experts to present on relevant global mobility topics, to be followed by an engaging discussion between event attendees and speakers. These discussions feature both the standpoint of the global mobility professional and the expatriate themselves. To begin the year, the Dutch Chapter held an event focused on The new Role of the GM professional, Update on Visa & Permits, requirements and Trends & Pitfalls and The Influence of Expatriate Psycological contract breach on performance and satisfaction. Oftentimes, speakers will share relevant research to supplement their best practice suggestions.

Those who may be interested in joining the Dutch Chapter for one of their upcoming events or networking opportunities are welcome to contact Henk Amorison for more information.

Henk Amorison

Partner Tax, Hillbrook Expatriate Tax Solutions