New cultural training platform meets new business needs

Living Abroad LLC, today announced the launch of Culture Coach Online.

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NORWALK, CT – Living Abroad LLC, the world’s top provider of destination information in the global mobility industry, today announced the launch of Culture Coach Online, a powerful learning platform designed to help people recognize and manage the impact of culture on business and personal relationships.

Living Abroad has supported assignees, their families, and business travelers with up-to-date local information for 30 years. Culture Coach Online combines this trusted resource with cultural training, and includes a personalized cultural preference assessment based on the research of renowned Dutch social psychologist and cross-cultural research pioneer, Geert Hofstede, Ph.D.

Through unique situation- and destination-specific learning tracks, Culture Coach Online users become familiar with the core principles of cultural agility, and how to apply them to specific social and business situations. Users also gain insight on their own individual cultural preferences, and how they compare to what they will encounter when interacting with others around the world.

The Culture Coach Online program and platform are specifically designed to meet the needs of 21st century businesspeople, who often find it a challenge to make time for days of classroom cultural training. Learners engage with podcasts, videos, articles, and short quizzes at their convenience, and can always resume the program where they left off.

"Companies with culturally agile employees see increases in profit, and productivity. They benefit from higher employee satisfaction and confidence,” says Cathy Heyne, Managing Director of Living Abroad. “These companies know that true cultural agility goes beyond one situation or assignment."

Heyne adds: “We are thrilled to offer Culture Coach Online as a path not only to cultural agility, but also to the destination specific information that those in cross-cultural environments have always needed.”

To learn more about Culture Coach Online, visit:

Cathy Heyne

Managing Director, Living Abroad

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