FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting 10/08/17

Please join us for the FEM Sydney Chapter Meeting on 10 August.

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Jun 09, 2017

Farewell subclass 457: our new reality

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We’ve all had some time now to process the significant changes announced in March so in this session, we want to go beyond the technical and get into the practical.

Join us for a panel discussion hosted by KPMG to discuss the ‘real-world’-side of the immigration changes. We will hear from our panellists from industry on the following:

  • What they are doing in their businesses to respond to the changes including identification of affected employees
  • Implementation of strategies around timing of applications, and
  • What their employees are saying and how they are planning for the future.

The panel discussion will be the focus of the day so be sure to come armed with questions, your own experiences and observations to share.

As the technical landscape continues to be ever-changing we will also be providing some technical updates for the group. To kick off we will recap on the tax changes impacting expatriates in the May budget – hopefully we will have some further detail from draft legislation to share with you by August.

Additionally, in July we expect another round of announcements regarding the skilled occupations list so we also include a brief technical update from our migration advisory team.  

David Coats, General Manager, Reprise Media Australia
David is a digital marketing specialist with 15 years’ experience primarily in a variety of agency roles. David himself relocated to Australia from the UK in 2010 to lead the organic search and marketing analytics team, first for Group M agency MediaCom, then, in 2012, for Mediabrands’ search and social agency Reprise. David now leads the operations of the business as general manager, and is responsible for delivery of all Reprise’s specialist digital marketing solutions, resourcing of the business including recruitment, and the financials including revenue and expenditure. 

Lilian Huyhn, Head of Compensation and Benefits, BNP Paribas
Lilian’s career spanned over a number of multinational organizations and across multiple countries. As the Head of Comp and Ben for BNP Paribas Aust/NZ, she is responsible for all compensation and benefits, integrating regional policies and ensuring compliance to local legislation and practice. In the recent visa changes, Lilian led the team to evaluate the challenges and seek solutions to transition the current expat workforce.

Belinda Wright, Director, KPMG
Belinda Wright is a Director within KPMG’s Immigration practice. Belinda has more than 14 years’ immigration experience providing immigration assistance and advice to major global companies and organisations. 

Thursday, 10 August, 2017

Level 38, Tower Three, International Towers Sydney; 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney


  • Complimentary to Corporate HR.
  • £75 for global mobility suppliers, per person, assuming the supplier has a valid Supplier Membership of £350
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Aysegul Kayahan

Director, Relocation Specialists

Aysegul Kayahan, managing director of Relocation Specialists in Queensland and Victoria has been in the global mobility industry since 1993. Aysegul started the Forum for Expatriate Management community in Australia in early 2012, with chapters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. From February 2015 to January 2017, Aysegul was appointed to the role of global chair of Chapter Leads for the Forum for Expatriate Management.

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