FEM Dubai Chapter Meeting 09/04/2018

Please join us for the FEM Dubai Chapter Meeting on 9 April.

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Fundamental aspects to consider when developing a successful Global Mobility policy
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Following on from the very successful inaugural session of FEM’s Middle East chapter, we will be embarking upon a dual session in April focusing on some of the fundamental aspects to consider when developing a successful Global Mobility policy.

Join us on Monday, 9 April to discuss:
Tax Considerations from a Global Mobility perspective
The changing Global Mobility landscape and managing the complexity of COLA 

Industry experts Sarah Gerges Senior Manager, Global Mobility at PwC Dubai and Michael Joyce Senior Director, Client Solutions at AIRINC EMEA will discuss two of the key policy attributes which must be considered when a business finds itself with an internationally mobile population. 

This, the second meeting of the Forum for Expatriate Management in the Middle East will be hosted by PwC Legal Middle East LLP (in conjunction with K2 Corporate Mobility and Executive Expatriate Relocations (EER)) 

Areas for discussion:
The key to any successful Global Mobility program is a mobility framework which considers company culture, business drivers, internal talent pool and industry sector, whilst always ensuring cost containment and exception management are accounted for. Such policies typically include both the purpose of the assignment, and the allowances and benefits provided to the assignee. The policy gives structure to the assignment lifecycle and should always aim to ensure best practice. While Global Mobility policies cover a wide range of compensation and benefit differentiators we will investigate two key areas in our forthcoming meeting namely, tax considerations and cost of living allowances and indexes.

More and more, companies based in the Middle East are operating on a global basis through organic growth, joint ventures or mergers and acquisitions. This expansion often results in an employee population which is increasingly mobile as employers look to ensure that they have the correct talent on the ground.

The employment activities of individuals in foreign locations (whether they be in full time positions or frequent business travellers) often leads to a number of complex employer and employee tax issues which, if not handled appropriately, could result in significant additional costs and risks for employers.

Furthermore, the changing Global Mobility landscape means that policy development and an understanding of assignee compensation and cost of living indexes becomes of increasing importance to HR and Global Mobility professionals who are responsible for internationally mobile employees.

Our industry experts will present on the key aspects and attendees will be given the unique opportunity to ask pertinent questions to each of the speakers at the session.

Each of the below speakers have a unique background and will be able to share a unique perspective that is sure to benefit all those in attendance.

Our speakers include:
Sarah Gerges, Senior Manager, Global Mobility at PwC in Dubai
Sarah has over eight years of experience in the field of personal tax, global mobility and employment tax. Having worked both in practice and in industry in London. She holds the Association of Taxation Technicians and Chartered Tax Advisor qualifications in the UK. Sarah has worked with clients from a variety of industries including the legal profession, advertising, private equity and financial services, advising clients on personal and employment tax matters including the tax and social security implications of business visitors and assignees. 

Sarah has experience in US and UK personal tax for high net worth individuals. She also held an in-house role at a large global investment bank where she was responsible for both the personal tax matters of over 100 senior executives and employment tax compliance for the firm’s offices across EMEA, including global mobility. In her role she worked alongside various teams within the firm including Benefits, Legal, Payroll and Equity Compensation and has a good appreciation of the focus and perspective on the client side.

Michael Joyce, Senior Director, Client Solutions at AIRINC EMEA
Michael joined AIRINC in 2012, following six years in various expatriate data consultancies. Michael is engaged in business development and advisory activities and has led many global mobility and compensation consulting projects across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the USA. He has managed many Expatriate Management forum groups and is a key speaker at seminars, events and trainings. Michael also spent many years in house involved in pension plan administration, international assignments and compensation and benefits. He has a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Administration and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Monday 9 April, 2018
7:45am – 10:15am

Event schedule:
7.45am – 8.00am: Registration
8:00am – 9:00am: Breakfast and Networking
9:00am – 9:30am: PwC keynote speaker presentation
9:30am – 10:00am: AIRINC keynote speaker presentation
10:00am – 10:15am: Q&A session

Rove Hotel Downtown
312 Al Sa'ada Street, Zabeel 2, Dubai, U.A.E


  • Complimentary to Corporate HR or Corporate Mobility resources that are involved in the administration of their company’s mobility program.
  • $150 USD for global mobility suppliers, per person, assuming the supplier has a valid Supplier Membership of $550

Anir Chatterji

Senior Manager, PwC Legal Middle East LLP

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