Global Mobility Process Challenges: Finding the right approach where policy and processes are not currently in place - A summary of the Perth Chapter Meeting

The FEM Perth Chapter Meeting on the 15th February 2018 was titled "Global Mobility Process Challenges: Finding the right approach where policy and processes are not currently in place"

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The Perth Chapter Meeting on the 15th February 2018  was titled “Global Mobility Process Challenges:  Finding the right approach where policy and processes are not currently in place " and hosted by PwC.

Table discussions were facilitated by

Vish Beedassy, Tax Management and Consulting

Kristy Ryan, Global Mobility Adviser, Woodside Energy Limited

Hanne Wearne, Human Resources Lead, DOF Subsea Asia Pacific

Around the following four challenges:

  • Multiple country moves and challenges to processes, tracking and how best to integrate with local HR
  • How in practice do flexible packages work and how do we balance flexibility & consistency while managing risk
  • How to establish “best in class” process management from a benefits and international assignment terms perspective, whilst maintaining a flexible approach
  • How to deploy in new locations and the spectrum between structured programs & adhoc moves and packaging

Some notes from the group discussions:

The  following were emphasised as essential for best in class process management - consistency, cost control and efficiencies, clear process maps, minimising touch points, central collection of data, assignee experience being monitored and responded to, ROI and succession planning; clearly meeting employee and business needs (measuring success of)

In order to ensure policies are equitable and consistent while maintaining flexibility – consideration of business needs, right talent, access to data analytics and benchmarking. Discussed defined budget vs variable and how to handle exceptions, there is a need for balance between costs and options.  Additionally, balance between flexibility and consistency whilst managing risk. Overcoming entitlement mentality, review of selection criteria and best fit of talent.

Policies – review, audit and adjust. Ownership of process – GM, employee. Use of technology going to be integral, needing data from different services providers and internal data to better manage risk

Distinction between  those that are single and young to have light services using technology to do their own bookings and the more extensive services for families with children.

Setting up in new locations – company structures, immigration requirements, employment contracts, setting precedents, business stakeholders need to be more involved in the GM activity from a risk management perspective. 

Download the slides here

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Aysegul Kayahan

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Aysegul Kayahan, managing director of Relocation Specialists in Queensland and Victoria has been in the global mobility industry since 1993. Aysegul started the Forum for Expatriate Management community in Australia in early 2012, with chapters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. From February 2015 to January 2017, Aysegul was appointed to the role of global chair of Chapter Leads for the Forum for Expatriate Management.

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