Global Mobility - Future State; Gap Analysis and where to from here

Strategic global mobility is a key component of organisational effectiveness and performance management, as well as critical to supporting business growth, financial performance, employee development and retention, and succession planning. In this session we explored this topic using examples from Deloitte's inhouse experience vs surveys conducted by Deloitte as well as a pre-event survey we conducted with the corporate members registered to attend.

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Melbourne Chapter Meeting on the 31st October 2018 was titled “Future State; Gap Analysis and where to from here" and hosted by Deloitte.

In this interactive session, we reviewed current trends and best practice in global mobility, and considered the future state of global mobility programs.  We delved into the below 4 areas in further detail:  

1)   Mobility Policies

2)   Flexible/Agile work arrangements and Business Travelers

3)   Data analytics in Global Mobility

4)   The role of automation and robotics in Global Mobility

The seminar consisted of a panel that shared insights, with information being drawn from the below 3 sources:

1) A survey was run leading up to the event, where attendees responded to questions specifically in relation to the above topics and their own organisation’s challenges and journey so far.

2) Deloitte’s internal Mobility team – Deloitte shared global and regional insights from their Internal Global Mobility team and their Leads

3) Deloitte’s thought leadership – Deloitte had Global Workforce subject matter experts in attendance, shedding light on current trends, future expected trends, the results of the survey and Deloitte’s internal global mobility strategy


Aysegul Kayahan

Director, Relocation Specialists

Aysegul Kayahan, managing director of Relocation Specialists in Queensland and Victoria has been in the global mobility industry since 1993. Aysegul started the Forum for Expatriate Management community in Australia in early 2012, with chapters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. From February 2015 to January 2017, Aysegul was appointed to the role of global chair of Chapter Leads for the Forum for Expatriate Management.

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