Announcing our fourth chapter meeting, in Stavanger (Norway), on Thursday, 12 September 2019.

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‘Global Mobility: Driving Change’

We'd like to invite everyone from the Scandinavian region working in the Global HR and Mobility spectrum to join us to once again tune in on the rapidly changing structure of the workforce. 

At this enriching networking session, our experienced panel of speakers from Aker Solutions, ECA International, Sirva and NES Advantage Solutions will discuss how changing demographics are impacting move types; which traps and challenges can be hidden when using localization as a mean to avoid costs and complexities of expat assignments and what to consider when the Global Mobility Manager needs to balance business requirements with costs and available resources. 

 The event will be hosted by the Aker Solutions and led by senior management from NES Advantage Solutions; Scott Radford, Global Mobility Director, and Lone Skriver, Global Mobility Regional and Business Development Manager.

The event will take place at the centrally-located building of Aker Solutions at Jåttåvågveien 10, 4020 Stavanger, Norway on the 12th September from 8.00-12.00.

Refreshments will be available. 





Registration and networking


Welcome from Aker Solutions and FEM Nordic chapter


Sirva: ‘Changing Demographics and Move Types’ by Vice President, Business Development, Trevor Janes  

What’s driving the change and how can companies adapt?  Based on the results of SIRVA’s extensive mobility report on aligning mobility practices to drive organizational impact, Trevor James will focus on the key changes in move types and how these are being driven by the changing demographics of relocating employees.


ECA International: ‘Localising assignees: the challenges and traps to consider‘ by Business Development Executive, Anni Keranen.

International assignment terms and conditions are, by their nature, not designed to be permanent. When cost pressures mount, there is an increased focus on the high costs involved, and questions on how soon an employee currently on an international assignment can be transferred to local terms and conditions. However, there are many potential obstacles to a smooth transition, with many companies struggling to apply consistency to their formal localisation policies and processes. Anni Keranen will share her perspective on:

  • When and why you should consider localisation of an assignee currently on an international assignment
  • The different ways in which localisation can be achieve
  • Finding the right pay approach
  • Challenges you might encounter when localising assignees and how to address them


NES Advantage Solutions: ' Managing a Flexible Workforce' by Global Mobility Director, Scott Radford.

Scott Radford will discuss how multi-faceted Global Mobility program, including assignment types ranging from long-term assignments with accompanying family, through short-term and commuter assignment, to on- or off-shore contractor assignments in remote places can be managed, limiting in-house resources to a minimum, yet still fulfilling the business’ need for speed, timing, accuracy and assignee empathy.


Coffee Break


Aker Solutions: ‘ Global Mobility Challenges in a Dynamic Industry’ by Vice President Compensation & Benefits, Harald Seip Stubbe

As a global project based-organization, Global Mobility at Aker Solutions is characterized by frequent start-ups in new and challenging destinations and more often than not with a short deadline. Harald Stubbe will share insights on how Aker Solutions manages a global business with many different business requirements and which tools Aker Solutions uses to stay ahead in a dynamic business.


Roundtable discussion


Sandwiches and networking



Lone Skriver

Global Mobility Regional and Business Development Manager,

Global Mobility Expert with 10+ years experience from in-house management positions and external consultancy.

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