A Guide to Holiday Leave Entitlements in the Netherlands

Holiday leave is an essential benefit, especially for EU-based employees where a full month off in the summer is common and expected.  This could come as a surprise to employers in countries like the US, who now have to plan around this statutory entitlement.

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The Netherlands is no exception and does have generous leave entitlement, plus an extra ‘bonus payment’ for employees to use and enjoy.  This reflects the Dutch value of work/life balance, and your employees will want to be supported in their need for time off.  This guide will discuss holiday pay and leave and how accrued leave is handled in the event of termination.

How much holiday leave do employees receive in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, employees are entitled to paid holidays, the amount depending on the number of holiday leave days that are accumulated.  The statutory formula used is a minimum of four times the number of working days per week, if a full year of work is completed. Full-time workers would be entitled to 20 days per year of holiday leave based on a five-day workweek, but it is common for employers to offer up to 25 days. 

Anyone working for an employer less than one year would have that number reduced, but leave does start to accrue from the first day of work.

What is the 8% holiday allowance and how is it calculated?

The employee’s salary is... read more

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