AIRINC and NetExpat's Talent Remobilization Survey

AIRINC and NetExpat's Talent Remobilization Survey won an EMMA award for Best Survey and Research Study in 2023. Learn more about this award winning survey and download the full report.
AIRINC and NetExpat's Talent Remobilization Survey

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As many parts of the world emerged from the pandemic, organizations began seeing cross-border mobility ramp up. Despite many uncertainties and challenges, from the ongoing war for talent to the cost-of-living crisis, from geo-political uncertainty to supply chain disruption, there is a sense that, to be successful in these times of deep transformation, a significant remobilization of cross-border talent is required.

AIRINC and NetExpat are thrilled to share the results of the Talent Remobilization Survey which focuses on key areas such as:

  • Understanding mobile employees' expectations
  • What will restimulate global mobility?
  • The willingness to go on and value of an assignment
  • Support and service related to family, culture & security
  • Achieving successful talent remobilization
  • And more!

Click here to receive the full copy of the award winning Talent Remobilization Survey Results.

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