An Employer's Guide to Social Security in Italy

There are a wide variety of social security programs around the world, which differ depending on how each country approaches offering and funding employee benefits and pensions. 

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Countries that rely on free-market approaches to items like health care and pensions will have lower rates than countries that have a more nationalized or subsidized system.

Like many EU countries, Italy has relatively high social security contribution rates, totaling 40% of employee salary.  This could be a surprise for companies that are used to lower rates in their home country and will have to be calculated into the overall cost of hiring Italian employees.

What are the social security rates in Italy?

Both employees and employers do contribute to social security, although the percentage is weighted more heavily on the employer side.

Employee Social Security Rates: The employee rate is 10%, but the majority of the contribution goes to the National Pension Fund, and contributions are capped at EUR 47,379 of annual income.

Employer Social Security Rates: The employer rate is... read more

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Tim Burgess

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