How to Hire and Pay Remote Workers in Multiple Countries

As companies expand their workforce to include remote international workers, they may be looking at hiring employees from multiple countries.

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There are many advantages to being able to access global talent without regard for borders, but it does require careful research and planning to navigate cultural, legal and communication challenges. 

Primarily, hiring in multiple locations means having to comply with each country’s unique employment and labor laws.  This guide will show you the key areas to pay attention to as you begin your recruitment and hiring efforts.

Considerations When Hiring Remote Employees in Different Countries

Once you have decided to build a remote team with workers from different countries, you will want to consider which countries might be the best place to hire in, depending on relevant skills, logistical challenges and budget.

Access to Talent and Desired Skill Sets

Regardless of worker location, the compelling reason to hire employees abroad is to find the right fit for open positions.  It is unlikely that multiple workers with the skill sets you need will all be located in the same country, so to access the best talent will probably mean hiring in different countries if you need to fill more than one role.

For example, both India and China are well known for IT expertise, while a remote customer service role could be more readily filled in the Philippines where English is widely spoken.

Compensation for Remote Employees

Typically, remote employees can be offered salary levels that are consistent with the local economy and rates, which may be higher or lower than you would pay home office employees.  Differences in global economies, costs of living and employee expectations make it difficult to apply a single, standard salary policy.  The salary amounts should be known for the targeted role prior to serious recruitment more

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