How to Hire Employees in Chile: A Guide for Overseas Employers

As with other South American countries, Chile is home to many skilled professionals that may offer the type of talent that your company is looking for.

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Hiring remote employees abroad is a growing trend for that reason, as cross-border work has been enhanced by technology and a willingness to overcome communication and cultural differences to build the ideal team.

What you need to know about hiring employees in Chile

Hiring employees in Chile will entail meeting an entirely new set of regulations surrounding employment, payroll, tax, and social security.  Many of these may be quite different than in your home country, so we have put together this guide as an overview.  At some point, you will need to engage a third party or local experts to assist you, especially if you don’t plan on having a legal business presence in the country.

Employment in Chile

Employment Contracts:  Fixed-term contracts can only be 12 months in duration (extendable), except for professional or technical positions which can be 24 months.  The employee must receive a copy of the contract translated into Spanish.

Employee Entitlements

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Tim Burgess

Director, Shield GEO Services Ltd