How to Hire EU Citizens After Brexit: A Guide for UK Companies

With the conclusion of Brexit and the UK’s departure from the European Union, UK employers may find there are new challenges with hiring EU citizens.  Previously, EU nationals could enter the UK and work without a visa under the EU’s right to travel policy. 

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Now, that has all changed, but there are some caveats and exceptions to maintain an employee’s right to work or to meet the work visa requirements. This guide will discuss how UK companies can still employ EU employees post-Brexit, and the options for sponsoring work permits.

EU Settlement Scheme

As part of the Brexit agreement, there is an EU settlement scheme that will apply to some EU citizens, and allow them to work in the UK visa-free.  There is a similar program in the EU to accommodate certain UK workers. The basic idea is that if the employee were already in the UK before Brexit concluded they can remain working there unaffected.

The specific rule is that if the employee had started to work in the UK prior to December 31, 2020, they can apply to settle under the scheme until June 30, 2021.  It is not automatic, and they do have to formally apply.  There are also certain conditions under which they can leave the UK for a period of time without losing their right to work.  As their employer, you will want to make sure they apply in time... read more 

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Tim Burgess

Director, Shield GEO Services Ltd