How to Hire Your Employees in Spain After Brexit: A Guide for UK Employers

The passage of Brexit posed a number of new challenges for UK companies, including what to do about EU citizen employees. By leaving the EU, the UK removed the ‘right to movement’ and visa free travel for any EU nationals.

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However, any employees already living and working in the UK prior to December 31, 2020, could remain in their position visa-free under the settlement scheme with some caveats.

But some EU employees may wish to return home for personal reasons, and if they stay away long enough could lose their rights under the settlement scheme.  This guide will discuss how to continue employing workers who return home to Spain from the UK, or how to hire new remote Spanish employees.

What Brexit means for UK companies hiring in Spain

Even with Brexit, Spanish employees can apply for work visas with their UK employer like any nationality.  And for those who wish to return home to Spain or are new employees, there are compliant ways to hire them. 

Nothing in Brexit prevents a UK company from hiring remote employees abroad, but now the relationship would be subject to Spanish labor laws.  The UK employer would expect to make social contributions in Spain, either through their own entity or a third party.

How to hire and pay employees in Spain after Brexit

Set up a legal entity in Spain

If the UK employer has... read more

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