How to Support Career Growth for Your Remote Employees

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According to a Gallup report, 87% of millennials see professional development and career growth opportunities as "very important" to them in a job. Yet more than three-quarters of employees feel as though they are on their own when it comes to career development. 

And remote work isn't helping.

Employees have real concerns about stagnating professional development and growth opportunities in the wake of COVID-19 and a shift to remote work. 31% of employees say their growth opportunities have decreased since the start of the pandemic. Much of this is understandable as many companies braced for the economic hardship the pandemic promised (and often cases delivered). Yet, career progression for remote workers has long been a topic of discussion, particularly in hybrid situations. 

A study published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that it's easy for remote workers to feel left out if they don't work for a company that has taken measures to build trust and connection between their on-site and remote employeee.

It's also common for them to feel overlooked or forgotten about when promotions or projects come up. 

 "It definitely affected my career progression," says Remote Work Expert and Speaker Aidan Dunne, who worked with IBM in IT management for 23 years. 

"To a large degree, I knew it was. But, you know, I got to... read more

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Tim Burgess

Director, Shield GEO Services Ltd