Julia Onslow-Cole - An Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility

Julia Onslow-Cole was the very worthy recipient of FEM's 2021 EMEA EMMA for her Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility

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What an incredible night we had on Wednesday 3rd November at The Royal Lancater Hotel!

FEM and the EMMAs were back with a bang and I was delighted to present the night's top award to Julia Onslow-Cole, Partner, Global Government Strategies and Compliance at Fragomen. 

The Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility

Awarded by FEM to: Julia Onslow-Cole, Partner, Global Government Strategies and Compliance at Fragomen

Here is an extract of the short speech I gave in tribute to Julia:

"This person already has a formidable catalogue of accolades and achievements, but clearly deserves this one too.

Educated at SOAS and Harvard Business School, they have gone on to forge a truly international career, working with the world’s top corporations, but also with human rights groups and governments where their expertise is called upon to shape policy-making, here in the UK, in Europe and the Middle East.

With so many high profile projects, it’s hard to keep you all in suspense, and I’m sure you have guessed the identity of this person by now, but I think there may be a few things that you don’t know, so, like me, you may be surprised to know that this person’s face was once projected on a nightclub ceiling in Montenegro for an entire night along with Robert De Niro, Wyclef Jean and Cherie Blair.

And I hear the four of them also appeared on posters on lampposts. Perhaps we’ll find out what that was all about in a minute…. 

But before then, in all seriousness, I would like to add that this person is a complex mix - with a forensic eye for detail and a strong instinct for business - but also in possession of great humanity.

The embodiment of an outstanding Global Mobility professional, in these challenging times, this person has kept us informed and on track.

FEM is delighted to award the 2021 EMEA EMMA for her Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility to Julia Onslow-Cole!"

Julia also gave a brief acceptance speech thanking all her colleagues and family. 

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Claire Tennant-Scull

Global Director, Content & Events, Forum for Expatriate Management

Claire Tennant-Scull is Global Director of Content & Events at the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM). She produces and chairs all FEM’s Conferences and Summits in Amsterdam, the Americas, APAC and EMEA and oversees FEM's global awards (EMMAs). Claire works closely with key clients, leads FEM’s London Chapter and oversees the FEM website, reports and publications. In addition to her experience in Global Mobility, Claire has more than 20 years’ expertise in publishing, working as a managing editor, writer, journalist and broadcaster, both in the print and digital world. With thousands of contacts across the Global Mobility community, Claire is always keen to welcome new members and to broaden the FEM community.

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