The Benefits of Hiring a Globally Diverse Team

By nature, our world is incredibly diverse. Our communities are full of people with different backgrounds, ethnicities, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, income levels, body shapes and religious beliefs.

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We speak different languages, use different communication styles, hold different opinions and core motivations. And while at times these differences can be a source of conflict, they shouldn’t have to mean division. In fact, we believe embracing diversity makes teams stronger, more creative and ultimately better. 

Through our new series Hiring Diverse, we hope to showcase the incredible benefits of prioritising diversity and shed light on some of the common blind spots in recruitment strategies. 

Benefits of hiring internationally

In many ways diversifying our team is simply the right thing to do. It gives space for all the different kinds of people that make up our communities and means there are no implicit biases or unintentional favoritism within our companies. While we think this is reason enough on its own, there are also a host of other benefits that come along with it. 

In this article we’ll unpack some of the benefits of hiring foreign employees including:

  1. Access to specialized talent 
  2. Local knowledge and languages
  3. Diverse perspectives 
  4. Keeping up with shifting markets 

Access to specialized talent

One of the main benefits of hiring internationally, and something we’ve spoken at length about before, is... read more

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Tim Burgess

Director, Shield GEO Services Ltd