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Our Mobility Transformation team can facilitate and support with a range of labs. The Labs are designed to specifically support organisations and their leaders understand and resolve their business challenges. This brochure focuses on our 'New to Role' Lab which is designed for Global Mobility Leaders who are either new to their role, or looking to refresh their priorities and plan objectives. The lab aims to provide insights to the individual, explore their concerns and opportunities, and create a roadmap of actions for the next 180 days. The lab will focus on time, talent and relationships, defining your aspirations, where you spend your time, examining relationships & influence and improving your mobility knowledge.

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Organisations today are faced with an increasingly complex global talent landscape. The workforce is becoming more agile, diversified and on demand, leading organisations to re-evaluate their views on mobility and their global workforce. Deloitte’s Global Workforce team helps organisations establish a Global Workforce strategy that is future proof; navigating your organisation through the increasingly complex talent mobility environment. We work with you to enhancing both operational and strategic aspects of global workforce and talent programmes. Innovating through consulting, technology and analytics to optimise, reshape or transform your mobility and talent programmes.

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