Global Workforce Trends 2017

Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital trends survey, including more than 10,400 respondents from 140 countries reported that nearly 70% of business leaders agreed that Global Mobility was an enabler of business and talent strategies. This report identifies four Global Workforce trends, complementary to the broader trends that are disrupting the mobility landscape and fueling the digital age, including: 1. Employee-driven global workforce programmes Agile Global Mobility models acting as ecosystems to address the requirements of a diverse employee landscape 2. Mobility and talent acquisition Building a global talent pool through harnessing data, partnering with talent and appealing to new demographics organically through building a global employer brand. 3. Human side of mobility Global Mobility programmes having a greater focus on employee experience and inclusivity as a component of assignment success. 4. Mobility analytics Predictive analytics used in a holistic manner and driving workforce planning on a global scale.

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Organisations today are faced with an increasingly complex global talent landscape. The workforce is becoming more agile, diversified and on demand, leading organisations to re-evaluate their views on mobility and their global workforce. Deloitte’s Global Workforce team helps organisations establish a Global Workforce strategy that is future proof; navigating your organisation through the increasingly complex talent mobility environment. We work with you to enhancing both operational and strategic aspects of global workforce and talent programmes. Innovating through consulting, technology and analytics to optimise, reshape or transform your mobility and talent programmes.

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