Brazil Chapter: An Introduction

An introduction to the FEM Brazil Chapter


The Brazil Chapter is fairly new Chapter, having been launched in November 2015. It is headed by Patricia Tavares, who works consistently with her Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is composed of three multinationals and four vendors, following the inclusive mission that FEM has.

Currently we have had sponsors that are heavily involved in contributing to the success of FEM in Brazil. We have had events in the main cities of Brazil being São Paulo and Curitiba, and have one planned for Rio de Janeiro.

We are always looking for updated themes seeking a great interaction between the corporate HR and service providers. Brazil Chapter has been focusing on new law changes, a new system the Brazilian IRS is implementing to check all payroll information and other recent law updates. Other themes that are introduced are relative to immigration, tax, relocation trends and recent Global Mobility surveys. We have had the Steering Committee as panelists as well as Government authorities that are responsible for the updates and systemic changes. Event attendees range from global mobility analysts to senior management.

Chapters are always very interactive, having the audience participate with the panelists, and sharing their experience and asking questions, all seeking best practices for all the Global Mobility community.

Those who may be interested in joining the Brazil Chapter for one of their upcoming events or networking opportunities are welcome to contact Patricia Tavares for more information.

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Patricia Maria Neia Tavares

Global Mobility Americas, Unilever

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