Brazilian Scenario for Expatriates - Regulations Trends and Challenges

From the concrete jungle to the actual jungle – the second edition of the Brazil Chapter Meeting proved a great success!


On February 26, FEM held its first Brazil Chapter Meeting of 2016 in Curitiba. The meeting was hosted by Patricia Tavares and Mabel Vidal at a very different venue called The Free Environment University.

Speaking at the meeting were Diana Quintas and Cristina Neves from Fragomen, together with Pamela Borges from Grant Thornton. Diana and Cristina brought us a timeline of immigration laws and updates, as well as providing an insight to the most current news on the law changes. Furthermore, they also highlighted the importance of always being in compliance in order to avoid extra and undesirable costs.

An extended question and answer section followed their presentation. The topic of regulation trends and challenges for immigration, labor and tax compliance rules are currently a very hot topic in Brazil, and brought on a very heated discussion.

Additionally, one of the highlights from this Q&A was in relation to a governmental project called E-Social, where the government is determining an e-filing of information of employees (Digital bookkeeping of fiscal, social security and labor obligations). As a very active member project, Pamela Borges explained that there are still many gaps around the expat population versus the E-Social, and she brilliantly clarified many of the questions that the audience had.

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Patricia Maria Neia Tavares

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