Repatriation: Dilemmas and Challenges

A summary from the Brazil Chapter Meeting on October 24, 2016.


Repatriation is always challenge, and brings several dilemmas.

The Brazil Chapter Meeting which was held on October 24 at Auditório Ingo Hering consisted of a round table discussion, with more than 40 participants and 3 main speakers. Myself (Patricia Tavares) spoke as a former expat and responsible for Unilever Americas Global Mobility hub.

Patricia Bobbato, Development Manager for Tigre Conexões presented her knowledge on Talent, Development and the IA population.

Speaking about intercultural training was Andrea Fuchs, who contributed with the importance of training at the moment of repatriation - highlighting the fact that assignees normally resist the idea of going back home.

The round table format initiated interaction from the audience, bringing several examples of their day to day as Global Mobility and HR professionals.

Best practices were shared which emphasizes the importance of shared knowledge!

Thanks for participating and making our event a success!

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Patricia Maria Neia Tavares

Global Mobility Americas, Unilever


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Gustavo A. Pérez over 2 years ago

Great event! A deep analysis and discussion of what repatriation within the talent mobility strategy means for companies nowadays. An enlighting experience with awesome speakers that promoted an enriching dialogue with all participants. A major success.