FEM Paris Chapter Meeting 12/10/2017

Please join us for the FEM Paris Chapter Meeting on 12 October.

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Aug 21, 2017

France-UK Relations: Is the Entente Cordiale Still Alive and Well?

The Official Launch of the FEM Paris Chapter

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The Forum for Expatriate Management was created in 2008 to provide both an online and real-world community for global mobility professionals and at our Chapter Meetings we bring together people and companies to form an educational, supportive and collaborative network, so we are pleased to announce the inaugural meeting of the FEM Paris Chapter.

At this first session, we will be joining hands across the Channel to explore the issues surrounding mobility between France and the UK, as three global mobility experts offers practical and strategic advice.

Inbound Assignment to the UK: Is the love affair over?
Speaker: Didier Hoff, UniMobility
In this first part of the meeting, we will focus on the challenges facing assignees moving to the UK after Brexit, the increase in cost of living, as well as issues for in-house Global Mobility teams in attracting foreign assignees to the UK.

Is Your Compensation Package on Target? 
Speaker: Ghislain de Rengervé - Helma International
What is the impact of UK economic inflation and the fluctuation of the British Pound on compensation packages, such as the cost of living, accommodation and schooling etc. for both inbound and outbound expatriates? Case studies will be demonstrated using 'Smart Expatriation'. 

Do You Speak Franglais?
Speaker: Hélène Fages- AKTEOS
Although French-UK relations have a long history, we still sometimes have difficulties understanding each other. At this presentation we will provide the essential tips to help you and your business communicate effectively across the Channel. 

Thursday, 12 October, 2017 

Meeting starts at 18:00, followed by drinks reception and networking.

Hôtel Scribe 1 Rue Scribe, Paris, France


  • Complimentary to Corporate HR or Corporate Mobility resources that are involved in the administration of their company’s mobility program.
  • €120 for global mobility suppliers, per person, assuming the supplier has a valid Supplier Membership of €400
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Didier Hoff

Partner, UniMobility

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