Global Mobility in 2023 – Setting the Scene

FEM’s chief aim is to inspire and inform Global Mobility and HR professionals by providing networking and peer to peer learning opportunities. The first event for 2023 was all about this!
Global Mobility in 2023 – Setting the Scene

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In our first chapter meeting for 2023, hosted by Andersen Australia over lunch,  it was really wonderful to catchup  (once we were done embracing each other) - we socialised, strategized and shared our real-world experiences.

We reflected on the FEM 2023 Global Mobility Survey results.  Most people wanted to continue to with quarterly events but were happy to mix up the timing i.e. sometimes breakfast, lunch or late afternoon. 

The GM priority topics ( identified through the survey) and confirmed in person for future events were:

  • Tax exposure/ changing legislation
  • Immigration rules
  • Cost of living/ standard of living in pulling packages together (rental market around Australia)
  • New or updated policies to better support changing global mobility needs/practices/Talent attraction

It was clear that satisfaction is highest at companies where  expectations around flexibility are embraced. Talent Attraction and Retention were also explored around the table. Need a deep dive on this at a future event.

We discussed the introduction of a GM Mentoring Program later in the year, what it may look like and requested people to sign up as mentors and mentees (or both). More on this later. 

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